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    WorkCare Releases COVID-19 Screening Processes

    COVID-19 Screening
    • Published
    • 22 April 2020
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    • General

    At WorkCare, we take our mission to protect and promote employee health very seriously. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed processes to provide automated online screening surveys accessible via our secure client portal, and telehealth follow-up assessments by our occupational health nurses and physicians for secondary screening and return-to-work clearances.

    Our goal is two-fold: help clear well people for work so they can continue to do their jobs and keep employees with elevated exposure risk or COVID-19 symptoms at home until they can safely return to work.

    The three-step screening process is easy to follow:

    1. Daily screen: Employees complete a brief online screening survey using their mobile phone or home computer to be automatically cleared/not cleared for work (remain at home).
    2. Risk stratification and telehealth triage: Employees who remain at home receive a second, in-depth screening survey. Based on their answers, their risk level is determined to be low, moderate or high. Those with low risk (no apparent exposure or symptoms do not indicate COVID-19 infection, such as seasonal allergies) may be cleared for work. Employers have the option of following up with employees with moderate-to-high risk or retaining WorkCare to provide telehealth nurse triage.
    3. Return to work: Employees complete automated return-to-work clearance surveys and receive physician telehealth follow-up assessments following self-quarantine without symptoms or isolation with symptoms.

    An employer may elect to use any or all of these steps. They receive daily summary reports on their employees’ work status by email. Employees’ personal health information is protected.

    View our Screening Process Workflow.


    Our automated daily screening survey can easily be completed by hundreds of thousands of employees. This helps flatten the COVID-19 exposure curve. Employers gain useful insights for workforce health management, staffing decisions and liability risk reduction across an enterprise.

    We use our well-established Incident Intervention 24/7 injury and illness telehealth triage program to facilitate nurse follow-up with employees who are instructed to remain at home. Our nurses educate employees on how to best manage quarantine/isolation and plan for return to work. Our clinicians also collect critical contact-tracing information that can be used by health and safety professionals who are evaluating onsite operational impacts.

    As the pandemic progresses, we know that employers need a reliable process to quickly clear employees for return to work. WorkCare will use an automated online screening survey and telehealth occupational health physician follow-up to meet this demand. Return-to-work clearances will be managed by Medical Exams & Travel, our business division dedicated to medical monitoring program management.

    We’re also providing onsite temperature and symptom screening and consulting occupational physicians in selected locations.

    To learn more:

    Register for our freely weekly webinar series on Preventing and Managing COVID-19 in the Workplace:

    The webinar is presented every Wednesday by Dr. Anthony Harris, Vice President, Onsite Clinical Operations and WorkCare Associate Medical Director.

    For information about our COVID-19 response services, please contact our business development team at

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