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    Choosing a COVID-19 Vaccination Program for Your Workforce

    COVID-19 vaccination
    • Published
    • 17 March 2021
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    Yesterday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its COVID-19 Workplace Vaccination Program webpage with detailed recommendations for employers. Meanwhile, in response to client requests, WorkCare has developed vaccine campaign solutions for clients that correspond with the CDC’s guidance.

    At WorkCare, we are supporting onsite vaccine administration for companies that acquire vaccines. We are also assisting employers who are not acquiring vaccines by facilitating access to qualified pharmacy partners. Working with local independent pharmacies, we can provide shots onsite for 100 or more employees and at local pharmacies for less than 100 workers in most states when there is a geographic match and a vaccine is available.

    Our pharmacy partner tells us that while vaccine supplies are limited this month, the number of doses available for distribution will significantly increase in April, and by May quantities should meet, or potentially exceed demand. While employers are anxious to provide vaccines to employees, a certain degree of patience is required. Vaccine distribution and administration is a complex process with many influencing variables.

    The CDC recommends that employers assess their options for workforce vaccinations, including administration onsite or at local pharmacies, taking site-specific circumstances into account.

    Onsite campaigns are recommended for:

    • Large numbers of onsite employees with predictable schedules
    • Companies with the ability to enroll in their local jurisdiction’s immunization program as a vaccination provider
    • Employers who can appropriately train staff or, alternatively, engage an enrolled vaccination provider
    • Locations with enough space to accommodate a vaccination clinic while maintaining social distancing

    Offsite locations are recommended for:

    • Small-to-medium-sized organizations that do not have the resources to host a vaccination clinic
    • Companies with worker populations that frequently move from one job site to the next
    • Employee populations with highly variable schedules
    • Workers with a preference to get their shot outside of the workplace

    Both the CDC and WorkCare place a strong emphasis on the need for employee education about vaccine safety and efficacy as part of workplace vaccination campaigns. While surveys of the adult U.S. population show vaccine hesitancy rates are declining, reluctance about or refusal to get vaccinated needs to be addressed in multiple ways (and often in multiple languages) to ensure everyone understands the benefits of vaccination, potential reactions, two-dose intervals and the type of vaccine being offered.

    It’s also important for employers to understand who is eligible for vaccination in the jurisdictions where they operate. States, cities and county health departments vary in their approaches and eligibility requirements. Violations of applicable requirements can result in citations and negative publicity.

    For a vaccination campaign to be successful, employers are also encouraged to make vaccination as easy as possible to obtain. Suggestions include allowing employees to get their shots during work hours or to take paid leave to get vaccinated offsite, providing transportation to offsite clinic locations and making sure employees know they do not have to pay for their shot.

    To learn more about what WorkCare has to offer, visit our COVID-19 webpage or contact our Business Development Team at Here are two related resources:

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