About WorkCare

We are a U.S.-based, physician-directed occupational health services company with global outreach.

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We help employers manage employee health by:

  • Focusing on employee well-being, regulatory compliance and business objectives
  • Promoting work as a therapeutic activity with physical and behavioral health benefits
  • Identifying and addressing exposure hazards that may pose a threat to health
  • Providing care guidance at the onset of work-related injuries and physical discomfort
  • Lowering workers’ compensation claim rates
  • Being present 24/7 via consultation, onsite operations and telehealth applications
  • Treating every encounter as an opportunity to improve productivity and quality of life

Leadership Sets Us Apart

Our team of board-certified occupational physicians provides strategic oversight in accordance with best clinical practices. In addition, our clinical personnel include occupational health nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, athletic trainers and paramedics.

WorkCare’s business operations are managed by executives and subject matter experts with extensive experience in diverse industry settings, information technology, business innovation and customer relations.

The WorkCare Way

Everyone at WorkCare is personally invested in the success of our clients. We care deeply about the health, safety and well-being of job applicants and employees so they can be productive, support themselves and their families, contribute to their communities and enjoy quality of life throughout their careers. In turn, this promotes business sustainability.

We refer to our organizational culture and company philosophy as the WorkCare Way. What does this mean?


Protecting and Promoting Employee Health…from hire to retire. Work Matters. Health Counts.


Be the leading occupational health services company, recognized as a consistent, authoritative, innovative and responsive resource on all aspects of employee health management across the care continuum.


We know that working in a capacity that matches capabilities is good for people – physically, mentally, socially and financially.

When a company retains WorkCare as its occupational health services partner, it sends a positive message to employees. Recruitment, retention and morale improve when employees know their employer is invested in them. They are motivated to become engaged in their own health, and if they observe a hazardous condition or experience an incident, more likely to report it so interventions can be immediately implemented.

Effective employee health management is cost-effective. Our clients experience measurable declines in:

  • Work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Days Away, Restricted or Transferred (DART) rates
  • Workers’ compensation claims
  • Medical care costs
  • Short- and long-term disabilities
  • Litigation

The ability to be productive at work is critical to physical and mental health.


Peter P. Greaney, M.D., had a busy occupational medicine practice in Orange County, Calif., when he established WorkCare, Inc., as a consulting firm in the early 1980s. The goals were to help employers address employee health management challenges and meet regulatory requirements. Since then, WorkCare has continued to grow in response to customer needs.

WorkCare initially developed a network of qualified medical providers in the U.S. and Canada to perform medical surveillance exams while managing all administrative aspects of medical monitoring and results for client companies. The network has since grown to more than 4,500 clinics. We manage more than 100,000 exams, travel consultations and other occupational health-related transactions a year. All related medical records are securely stored for clients as required by law.

In 1998-99, an engineering firm asked WorkCare for assistance with managing work-related injuries. We responded by developing our Incident Intervention 24/7 telehealth triage program. Consulting M.D.s and Onsite Services & Clinics (including Bio-Ergonomic Surveillance, Industrial Athlete and Industrial Massage programs) soon followed as logical extensions of our medical surveillance and injury management solutions. In addition, we have provided customized leave-of-absence services for a major wholesaler for many years. In 2019, we created a new division, Leave & Disability Clinical Support, at the request of one the world’s largest distribution companies.

“We’re still going strong!”

Success Stories

“There are physical and mental health benefits associated with empowering employees to make informed decisions about their own care in the event of a non-serious injury.”

Food Casual Restaurant Chain
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Success Stories

“Thousands of employees doing physically strenuous and mentally demanding work depend on WorkCare to help keep them healthy, safe and on the job.”

Oil and Gas Petrochemical Construction Site
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Success Stories

“The WorkCare team brings integrity to our program and has taken it to the next level. WorkCare is much more than a staffing-only model.”

Manufacturing Manufacturing
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Success Stories

"We collaborate on injury prevention and management solutions across the care continuum with our innovative utility partners."

Energy Utilities
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WorkCare contributes to organizations that promote excellence in occupational safety and health, and services for at-risk youth.

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Technology & Security

Our team is dedicated to ensuring a safe and secure information technology environment; it’s the backbone of all that we do.

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