WorkCare is the nation’s largest physician-owned and managed occupational health services company and is developing a significant global footprint.

Executive Chairman and Chief Medical Officer Peter Greaney, M.D., founded WorkCare more than 30 years ago around two principles:

  • Workers with a healthy attitude are productive workers
  • Employers benefit when they protect their employees from harm and respond quickly to workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses

Over three decades, WorkCare has repeatedly proven these principles are sound across all sizes and types of industries.

“WorkCare responds in a timely and appropriate fashion and gauges the level of response to the demands and needs of the client.”
— D. Driscoll, Manager, Environmental Health & Safety, Areva NP

Our clients include Fortune 50 companies and other leading multi-national corporations, as well as private small- and medium-sized businesses in all types of industries.

A Dedicated, Multi-Disciplinary Team

Our team of occupational health professionals, including our board-certified doctors, nurses and physician assistants, share WorkCare’s passion for delivering high-quality clinical care, consulting and administrative services.

We Care About Results for All Parties

WorkCare recognizes the importance of providing optimal care to employees while concurrently supporting employers’ business objectives.

Our models for injury management, regulatory compliance and employee/management communications lead the occupational health industry and help sustain our 99% client retention rate… a world-class performance!

Let’s Talk!

Our clients benefit from:

  • preventive interventions
  • high-quality, cost-effective care
  • improved clinical and business outcomes
  • regulatory and legal compliance assurance
  • significant savings

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