We start with a strong foundation for workforce health and build from there.

“We recognize that most construction job sites involve multiple employers (e.g., general contractors, construction managers, subcontractors.), and we are familiar with OSHA’s Multi-Employer Citation Policy.

On any given day, a construction or demolition worker may work at height or in a confined space, around heavy equipment or electrical currents, in intense heat or cold, with potential exposure to hazardous materials – all while performing repetitive, physical labor.

At WorkCare, our expert team understands each project has specific challenges and goals influenced by the environment, cost and time-constraints, labor agreements and other factors. We are adept at assessing your challenges and designing integrated, customizable services to address them.

Our services include:

  • Onsite clinics  – we bring medical professionals to your worksite
  • 24/7 telephonic and online access to occupational health physicians and nurses for injury management consultations
  • Medical surveillance management for all applicable hazards
  • Access to specialized physical exams
  • Ergonomic interventions to reduce musculoskeletal complaints
  • Absence and disability management
  • Drug and alcohol screening and prevention
  • TravelCare® for employees with international assignments
  • Health risk assessment and wellness programs

To move beyond compliance and build a strong foundation for workforce health, safety and well-being, contact WorkCare today.