We support retail and wholesale operations and distributors so they can better serve your community.

“The perception is that workers in this sector are generally at low risk of occupational injury and death. These workers, however, are engaged in a wide range of demanding job activities and are exposed to a variety of hazards.”
American Journal of Industrial Medicine, Vol. 53, Issue 7

Retail, wholesale and distribution involves a lot of moving parts. Most of these operations are subject to the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s general industry standards, which contain broadly applied and enforced worker protections.

At WorkCare, we help our retail, wholesale and distribution clients comply with OSHA’s general industry standards…and much more. Our expert team understands the critical need to provide safe and healthy conditions for your employees, vendors and customers.

Our services include:

  • Onsite clinics
  • 24/7 telephonic and online access to occupational health physicians and nurses for injury management consultations
  • Medical director oversight
  • Medical surveillance management for all applicable hazards
  • Access to specialized physical exams
  • Ergonomic interventions to reduce musculoskeletal complaints
  • Absence and disability management
  • Drug and alcohol screening and prevention
  • TravelCare® for employees with international assignments
  • Health risk assessment and wellness programs

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