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Employers Can Pay it Forward on Thanksgiving

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, public health officials are urging Americans to stay home for Thanksgiving, upending the traditions of families and friends in the short term but potentially preserving valued relationships for years to come. At least one survey shows this recommendation may be having an effect....

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Counteracting COVID Fatigue Impacts in the Workplace

For months, people have struggled with the mental health toll linked to quarantines, layoffs, illness, death and now, bleak COVID-19 projections for the winter months. Experts have coined a term for the weariness that continues to have economic, social and cultural implications: “COVID fatigue.” What is COVID Fatigue? COVID fatigue...

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Employers Can Help Working Parents with Their Juggling Act

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused upheaval for working Americans, with surveys showing women’s careers disproportionately impacted. The Economic Policy Institute reports roughly half of all essential workers (about 27 million) are women. However, according to the Pew Research Center, mothers of children under 12 years old lost nearly 2.2 million...

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Targeting Presenteeism with Education

COVID-19 “fatigue” and preoccupation with the presidential election are estimated to be costing U.S. employers billions of dollars in lost productivity. With the country experiencing a state of suspended animation, many people are finding it hard to concentrate and be fully engaged at work. Remote employees seem to be particularly...

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