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Guidance for Workplace COVID-19 Vaccination Campaigns

Employers who offer COVID-19 vaccinations to employees are doing their part to stop the spread of disease and move a step closer to the goal of achieving herd, or group, immunity. They are also investing in business recovery and sustainability. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently updated...

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The Future Workplace: Ergonomics for Remote Workers

This is the second part of a periodic series on The Future Workplace. This post is by WorkCare’s Marketing & Communications Assistant Todd Roth and Bryan Reich, Director of our Industrial Athlete Program. Long before the pandemic, many companies had already adopted hybrid staffing models that give employees the flexibility...

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Choosing a COVID-19 Vaccination Program for Your Workforce

Yesterday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its COVID-19 Workplace Vaccination Program webpage with detailed recommendations for employers. Meanwhile, in response to client requests, WorkCare has developed vaccine campaign solutions for clients that correspond with the CDC's guidance. At WorkCare, we are supporting onsite vaccine administration for...

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The Future Workplace: Post COVID-19

This is Part 1 of a periodic blog series on The Future Workplace. As employees who have been working remotely gradually return to their workplaces, their health and safety remains top of mind for employers. The workplace environment, logistics of flexible work arrangements, and support for workers’ physical and mental...

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