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Keeping an Eye on the COVID Exposure-Risk Ball

Employers who monitor COVID-19 case rates and contact tracing data have a heightened awareness of exposure risks and can adjust accordingly to better protect their employees. However, keeping an eye on the COVID-19 ball can be more complicated than it sounds, especially for companies with multiple-site, interstate or nationwide operations....

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Ring in the New Year With Self-Compassion

As we say good riddance to 2020, it’s important to recognize there will be a continued need for moments of reflection, paths ahead for personal improvement and a demand for resilience in the New Year. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown us for a loop. It has forced a re-evaluation of...

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Employers Have a Critical Role in COVID-19 Vaccine Education

Surveys show the number of Americans who plan to get vaccinated is increasing along with their confidence in COVID-19 vaccine safety. However, a significant percentage of the population is still not planning to get the shots that have been authorized for emergency use. A late November Pew Research Center survey...

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Cowards Need Not Apply

Courage appears to be a critical managerial trait that is not recognized as often as it should be, especially when employee health and safety is at stake. The American Psychological Association defines courage as the ability to meet a difficult challenge despite the physical, psychological or moral risks involved in...

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