WorkCare Is Committed To:

  • Building and sustaining constructive partnerships within the medical community, with our clients and their employees
  • Furthering the principle that everyone has the right to work and workers should not impair their health through work
  • Educating the workforce, employers and health care providers about preventable conditions in relation to occupational health and safety challenges
  • Placing the highest value on employee health and well-being with the certainty that it enhances effectiveness and quality of life

By adhering to and promoting these standards, WorkCare cultivates sound occupational health programs locally, regionally, nationally and overseas that help protect the welfare of the workforce and respect employee rights while advancing sustainable economic development for businesses.

Nation’s Largest Physician Owned & Managed Occupational Health Service Provider

Since its inception in 1984, WorkCare has been dedicated to helping companies address their occupational health needs. We are more than experts or colleagues in the health care industry; we are committed members of every client’s team. We constantly strive to align our contributions to your organzational objectives and requirements while sustaining a positive culture for employees.

Our services extend far beyond routine care. WorkCare delivers a range of occupational health-related services via  our complementary business units, all devoted to improving outcomes and bringing measurable value to our customers.

Employees Are the Heart & Soul of Business

WorkCare understands that offering progressive, comprehensive occupational health care depends on the competence and dedication of our staff. WorkCare professionals consistently deliver reliable, effective and positive results… all with the type of support and clear, concise communication your company deserves.

WorkCare works tirelessly to identify, screen and train our extensive network of health care providers, ensuring our services are tailored to meet and/or exceed client company standards.

Applying Equivalent Standards to Our Clients’ Employees

WorkCare enjoys the dynamic part we play in the lives of our clients’ employees. We believe our focus and personal involvement enhances employees’ quality of life and improves the efficiency and productivity of the companies we serve.

Every WorkCare employee takes pride in educating businesses and their staffs on the personal and collective importance of wellness and prevention. As we strive to improve employee health and well-being, we actively promote safety, self-worth and individual success.

There are few intangible rewards as satisfying as observing the effect our care has on individual employees.

From Its Inception, WorkCare Has Zigged Where Others Have Zagged

Our history of cultivating a deeper connection to our clients and helping them realize their occupational health goals is just as significant as our connection with their employees.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with clients to preserve and increase the quality of services we deliver.