Peter P. Greaney, M.D., Executive Chairman, and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Greaney has devoted most of his career to meeting the occupational health service needs of employers and employees. He is board-certified in occupational medicine with specialized training in toxicology. Dr. Greaney recently transitioned from the role of President & CEO involved in daily operations to Executive Chairman in order to pursue his interest in innovation and strategic business development. As Chief Medical Officer, he continues to oversee the company’s clinical activities and occupational physician team.

Dr. Greaney’s experience spans clinic ownership, management, and service delivery; designing occupational medicine programs for businesses; and serving as a corporate Medical Director for national corporations. Industries in which he has experience include biotechnology, environmental engineering, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemical and utility companies, and large wholesale operations. Wherever he goes, Dr. Greaney demonstrates his encyclopedic knowledge of the regulatory environment, root causes of occupational health and safety challenges, and creative solutions.

Dr. Greaney completed his training in occupational and environmental medicine at the Southern Occupational Health Center at the University of California, Irvine, where he has served as a faculty member and mentor. He serves on a number of boards. Dr. Greaney is also a sought-after speaker and contributor to research, journals and white papers on occupational health and safety topics. He is a member of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Dr. Greaney stays close to day-to-day operations at WorkCare while teaching and consulting on clinical matters. A prominent leader in the health care industry, he continues his legacy of leadership, accessibility, and progressiveness. As WorkCare’s founder, he sets a high bar of achievement for the entire organization.


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