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National COVID-19 Virtual Training in Development

  • Published
  • 24 March 2020
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The National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced it is developing a COVID-19 virtual safety training initiative for targeted industry sectors and front-line responders. The intended audience includes emergency medical personnel, firefighters, law enforcement officers, environmental cleanup workers, high-risk custodial service workers, food processing and delivery workers, water and sewage treatment workers, sanitation workers, and health care facility employees.

Funding for the initiative comes from a supplemental appropriation of $10 million approved by Congress on March 6 for training to help reduce work-related exposures to COVID-19. The worker-based training initiative is being led by NIH’s National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, which has a long-established Worker Training Program.

The initial focus is to build a virtual safety training delivery platform in partnership with private sector e-learning companies to reach high-risk industrial sectors. A cadre of COVID-19 safety trainers and virtual safety advisers is also being created to leverage the delivery of advanced training technology to front-line responders.

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