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New Year Good Time to Quit Smoking with Online, Telephonic Support

  • Published
  • 5 January 2015
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If your company is refreshing its commitment to wellness or your New Year’s resolutions include quitting smoking, consider these findings from a newly released Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study:

For cigarette smokers, the combined use of telephonic smoking cessation counseling and related web-based support services can be an effective deterrent. The CDC conducted a survey of users in four states to evaluate the effectiveness of these interventions. After adjusting for multiple variables, smokers who used both telephone and web-based services were more likely to report abstinence from smoking for 30 days at follow up when compared to telephone-only users and web-only users.

The findings suggest that employers and public health programs should consider offering both types of cessation services to improve quit rates.

Refer to Tobacco Cessation Among Users of Telephone and Web-Based Interventions — Four States, 2011–2012.

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