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    WorkCare Provides COVID-19 Diagnostic Saliva Test for Workplace and Home Use

    • Published
    • 10 September 2020
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    WorkCare announced today that it has partnered with 1Health.io, the leading technology company that provides precision testing as a service, to provide a self-administered COVID-19 diagnostic saliva test to help keep healthy employees on the job and those with SARS-CoV-2 infection at home until it is safe for them to return to work.

    The test may be taken by an employee from home or in the workplace. Saliva is collected in a tube, sealed with reagents and shipped to a qualified lab in a secure envelope. Test status and results are received within 48 hours of lab receival and are accessible via 1Health.io’s secure online platform. A WorkCare occupational health physician consults with employees who test positive, providing guidance on appropriate care, home isolation and return-to-work expectations.

    The saliva test is particularly convenient for employees who:

    • Work alone or in remote geographic locations
    • Have a suspected exposure or symptoms
    • Are required to take a test in order to start work

    WorkCare’s clients include leading film and TV studios and Fortune 100 companies with essential operations.

    Diagnostic testing is part of WorkCare’s suite of COVID-19 solutions. A positive test result often identifies infected employees without symptoms who are contagious and should be isolated at home. Alternatively, a negative test indicates an employee with symptoms may have something other than COVID-19, such as seasonal allergies, and can be safely cleared for work.

    “Diagnostic testing is an essential component of our comprehensive workplace strategy to prevent and manage the spread of COVID-19,” said WorkCare President and CEO William E. Nixon. “We are pleased to be partnering with 1Health.io to provide this convenient way to get tested and obtain results without having to leave home or work.”

    Mehdi Maghsoodnia, CEO of 1Health.io, said, “We aim to make testing easy and accessible for everyone, and our platform enables partners to deliver testing to their employees wherever they are, and safely bring them back to work as quickly as possible. We are excited to partner with WorkCare and to continue to provide testing as a service.”

    About the Test

    Laboratory technicians use polymerase chain reaction (PCR) molecular test methodology to detect unique genetic markers in saliva that are specific to the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. A study performed at the Rutgers University Clinical Genomics Laboratory found the 1Health.io saliva test has greater than 99 percent sensitivity and specificity based on available data. Only 2 percent of results were inconclusive; the remainder were positive or negative.

    In addition to testing, WorkCare’s COVID-19 response includes a daily symptom survey accessible to employees via an app and secure online portal, onsite screening for fever and other symptoms, exposure risk stratification, telehealth triage, physician return-to-work clearance assessments, contact tracing, concierge services and consulting on strategic pandemic planning.

    About WorkCare, Inc.

    WorkCare is a U.S.-based, physician-directed occupational health company with global outreach. WorkCare delivers innovative, integrated employee health management solutions to employers in all types of industries. Capabilities include Medical Exams & Travel program management; 24/7 Incident Intervention telehealth injury/illness triage; Onsite Services & Clinics; Consulting Medical Directors; and Absence and Disability Clinical Support. WorkCare offers specialized expertise in COVID-19 response, and Industrial Athlete, Industrial Massage and Bio-Ergonomic Surveillance injury prevention programs. WorkCare’s mission is “Protecting and Promoting Employee Health…from Hire to Retire.” Visit www.workcare.com.

    About 1Health.io

    1Health.io is the pioneer in enabling precision testing as a service, making diagnostic testing easy and accessible for everyone. Its platform powers engaging health applications for telehealth companies, hospital systems, corporations and government agencies, and consumer brands, allowing them to easily deploy, manage, and personalize testing at scale. 1Health.io’s cloud-based architecture allows for seamless management and tracing of tests, providing distribution across the country for faster testing, and an easy-to-read dashboard with actional next steps after testing. 1Health.io keeps more than seven million people healthy and informed through its partners and direct-to-consumer brand, and supports compliance with applicable privacy and security requirements of its partners and their customers. To learn more, go to www.1Health.io.


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