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WorkCare Ecosystem

Our customer-centric solutions are fully integrated across the employee health management continuum, regardless of where or how they are provided. We call this delivery model the WorkCare Ecosystem.

When employers engage with WorkCare, they have the assurance that occupational health expertise is embedded within every service line in accordance with best medical practices and industry standards.

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The Employee Journey
...from hire to retire

WorkCare’s integrated employee health management solutions touch employees throughout their work journey - from post-offer assessments to ensure the right job match to safe return to work after an absence. Please follow the path below to learn about how we engage with employees and related benefits for their employers.

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Your Path to Protection

We help protect employees at risk of exposure to health hazards. WorkCare has managed all types of medical surveillance programs
since it was founded in 1984.

  • Pre-hire assessments and periodic surveillance
  • TravelCare® advisory services
  • Drug-and-alcohol screening
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Schedule a physical exam

Scheduling a physical exam, hearing test, drug screen or immunization may be the first time someone encounters WorkCare before they even start a new job. Down the road, the employee will hear periodically from WorkCare when it’s time for updates. If international travel is planned, the TravelCare® team will jump in to assist. When a human performance evaluation is needed, WorkCare will make arrangements for that, too.

Who do you get on your team?

Medical Exams & Travel services are overseen by board-certified occupational medicine physicians. The team includes nurses, industry subject matter experts and account managers. They work closely with employees, clients and
clinics to ensure regulatory compliance, accurate testing and smooth progress
at every turn.

Account Managers to help with the process

“WorkCare’s account managers have really done an outstanding job with helping us process our surveillance.”




Right Care. Right Time. Right Setting.

We are your expert guide in the event of a work-related injury, illness or physical discomfort. Wherever you are on your journey, our clinicians are just a phone call away!

  • 24/7 telehealth triage
  • Guided self-care/first aid
  • Telemedicine and clinic referral management
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Report an incident ASAP

The sooner you report an incident, the sooner we can provide the care guidance needed for a swift return to health and full function in non-emergency cases.

Easy access

Our Incident Intervention program provides 24/7 telehealth access to occupational health nurses and physicians who provide care guidance. When referral for further evaluation and treatment is needed, we facilitate transfer to a WorkCare TeleM.D. doctor for a virtual telemedicine visit or referral to a qualified local medical provider.

Interventions to resolve cases

“From the employees’ point of view WorkCare is a qualified third party helping them make decisions about their health and necessary treatment, so there is not a perception of financial bias on the part of the employer that might be assumed when self-care is offered as an option. The level of doctor involvement in the process also makes a big difference.”

– Senior Risk Manager, National Health Services Company



Injury Prevention, Early Detection and Intervention

Onsite Services & Clinics provide a convenient way station for employees. Our clinical team adapts to workplace culture to provide high-quality injury prevention, care and wellness programs.

  • Flexible staffing models
  • Clinician oversight
  • Occupational and urgent care
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Engage one-on-one with expert care

Employees with access to Onsite Services & Clinics have the opportunity to engage with WorkCare’s expert team across the care continuum – from physical exams, to urgent care, to wellness programs. WorkCare protects and promotes health so employees can remain productive throughout their careers.

A clinic with impact on health and safety

“Your medical clinic is an exciting project that has a material impact on the health and safety of our employees.”

– EH&S Vice President, UTC Aerospace Systems

Board-certified occupational physicians

Our board-certified occupational physicians oversee onsite clinical services to ensure employees receive quality care and remain healthy, safe and on the job.

Bio-Ergonomic Surveillance

Reducing Overuse Injury Risk

We use wearable sensor technology and clinical algorithms to objectively measure how a worker’s body reacts to stresses and strains while they are doing their job.

Industrial Athlete Program

Optimizing Human Performance

Astute employers tap the expertise of certified athletic trainers and allied professionals to coach employees on injury prevention such as stretching, physical fitness and safe work practices.

Industrial Massage

Non-invasive early intervention

WorkCare Industrial Massage utilizes non-invasive, therapeutic techniques to alleviate muscle aches before they become an injury requiring medical treatment.



Physician Expertise Sets Us Apart

Our occupational medicine physicians understand the health, safety and regulatory compliance challenges that arise in all types of industries. Their clinical and business insights are invaluable.

  • Company medical directors
  • Workplace health audits
  • Clinical staff supervision
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Regulatory knowledge

WorkCare physicians understand regulatory requirements in all types of industries.

Dedicated to total worker health

Companies in need of a medical director or consulting occupational physician depend on WorkCare for expertise and flexibility.

Occupational medicine is a preventive

Occupational medicine is a preventive medical specialty; our physicians are committed to total worker health.



Monitoring Care. Managing Leave.

Our innovative Clinical Accommodation & Leave Management (CALM) services comprise a delivery model unlike any other in the marketplace. It's a game-changer.

  • Occupational and behavioral health expertise
  • Early intervention
  • Telemedicine assessment and triage
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We help you make decisions

“Our goal is to provide early, physician-driven interventions to achieve rapid case resolutions and significantly reduce demand for the in-persona exams that employers have relied on for over three decades.”

– Senior Risk Manager,
National Health Care Services Company

Flexible delivery model

Providing any combination of record review, provider outreach, telemedicine contact or work/fitness-for-duty clarification.

Clinical peer collaboration

The program takes advantage of our physicians’ special expertise in determining work/functional ability and guiding other health care professionals through the accommodation and leave management process.