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Our Vision – Simplifying Life Events

Absence Management Solutions features a customer-focused experience to compassionately support employees and guide employers through the entire leave process – from submitting a request, to tracking status, to returning to work.

Our New Way Forward – Absence Management Solutions

Introducing WorkCare’s Absence Management Solutions, a new, easy way to navigate the workplace leave-and-absence system! Our holistic service features a self-service platform and personal support provided by WorkCare specialists to:


  • Remove obstacles and seamlessly connect parties in the system
  • Simplify and expedite communication and recordkeeping
  • Humanize the leave and return-to-work experience 

WorkCare brings decades of experience in occupational health to the delivery of this innovative approach to leave-and-absence management – a user-centric model that has not previously existed in the marketplace.

You Spoke – We Listened

We touch lives in different ways and help resolve common complaints such as those highlighted below. (Hover to see quotes.)



"All the details involved with my leave are overwhelming."



"I have to interact with people who don't interact with each other."


HR professional

"It's too much for an employee to have to do while on leave."



"No one in the marketplace is doing this well."



"We should be there for employees going through hard stuff."


Case Manager

"We need automation to help us handle our large caseloads."



"I have to rely on others to access data for my clients."

Our Answer – Empowerment Through Innovation

Absence Management Solutions empowers users. We have combined advanced technology and automation with our compassionate approach to meet people’s needs. Our solution is flexible, whether a leave request involves a work-related incident, mental health condition, or personal life event such as pregnancy, illness or disability. Employees, employers, human resources professionals, brokers, benefits managers and consultants will find WorkCare’s depth of expertise is unmatched.


Clients can rely on our plug-and-play solutions for:

  • End-to-end leave administration
  • Regulatory compliance assurance
  • Self-service, streamlined processes
  • Integration with HR and payroll systems
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Connectivity among approved parties

Our Approach – Multidisciplinary One-Stop Shop

We address the multiple pain points associated with occupational and non-occupational leave, absence, and return-to-work policies and practices by facilitating a critical transition in mindset From Safety to Wellness™.


  • Compliance across state, federal and company leave laws and regulations  
  • Tracking functions (employer, employee, case manager) 
  • Automated eligibility check-ups

  • Simple, self-service reporting platform  
  • Real-time dashboards & calendars 
  • Monitoring individuals and multiple parties

  • Focus on intake & return to work 
  • Information access (benefits, questions, updates) 
  • Easy view of timeline, documentation & communication 

  • Accommodations (ADA) 
  • Clinical exams  
  • Physician consultations 
  • Payment system coordination 

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Our Experience – Best Practices in Occupational Health

WorkCare’s team of occupational health clinicians, information technology professionals and subject matter experts support the following capabilities:

Medical Management

  • Fitness for duty 
  • Independent medical exams 
  • Peer and physician medical reviews 
  • Consultations 

Case Management

  • Leave, disability and accommodation administration 
  • Physician/clinical oversight through return to work 
  • Behavioral and physical health assessments 
  • Complex and sensitive internal leave requests


Our Promise – Advanced Platform for Future Generations

WorkCare’s custom-built leave-and-absence management platform is designed to meet the needs of users now and in the future. Our technological solution is anchored with an advanced inference engine to comply with federal, state and municipal leave regulations. Password-protected portals for employees and employers provide a tailored experienced. With an open architecture and application programming interfaces, our platform supports paperless communication, new and existing leave requests, return to work, history…plus integration with HRIS, payroll and other employer systems.