WorkCare’s innovative new Leave & Disability Clinical Support program utilizes occupational medicine physician expertise to provide early intervention, telemedicine assessment and triage for leave and disability cases.


The Leave & Disability Clinical Support delivery model uses an early detection system and features a combination of:

We apply predictive analytics and evaluation techniques to flag cases at risk for prolonged work absence, disability and the need for early intervention vocational services.


The program is in early stages of implementation with the following anticipated benefits:

  • Improving access to medical and return-to-work information to promote case resolution
  • Keeping employees working on full, transitional or modified duty
  • Avoiding “medicalization” of non-medical issues
  • Ensuring timely referrals to nurse case managers, vocational counselors and medical providers, as warranted
  • Accurately tracking results based on risk indicators, case specifics and services provided
  • Reducing rates of absence and long-term disability to promote retention and productivity
  • Supporting enterprise-wide, scalable injury prevention and management systems