Transform Reactive, Compliance-Driven Programs Into Progressive Processes

WorkCare has experience across the entire spectrum of regulated and discretionary exams

“WorkCare has been supporting us since 1999 and our employees are very familiar with the process. We appreciate that dedicated key management is familiar with our company and is involved.”
—Christine C., Corporate Health & Safety Manager

Do you dread the prospect of attracting the attention of federal and state regulators, especially in the areas of mandated testing, employee health, safety and wellness? WorkCare can help you effectively manage exposure risks and avoid the possibility of fines and sanctions while providing essential medical and health promotion services to your employees.

Keeping employees fit and healthy and your company compliant reduces the stress that comes from a reactive mindset. When coupled with an aggressive employee education program, an organization can mitigate workplace risk factors for conditions such as:

  • various types of cancer
  • musculoskeletal disorders
  • respiratory and circulatory diseases
  • hearing loss
  • stress-related anxiety and depression

WorkCare’s Medical Surveillance Services Feature a Turnkey Approach

Our comprehensive Medical Exam and Surveillance Programs offer a hire-to-retire approach featuring:

  • Consolidated management of all examinees, including timely notification of clearance status
  • Streamlined administrative management of employee health exams and related activities including:
    • scheduling
    • participant tracking
    • consolidated pricing
    • record retention
    • OSHA recordkeeping

Our Board-Certified Occupational Health Physicians Oversee the Entire Process

Whether monitoring employee health through medical surveillance and exams or attending to them at an onsite clinic, WorkCare offers a full-spectrum of occupational health services.

Services are provided under the direction of WorkCare’s board-certified occupational health physicians. Access to our physicians ensures that you are considering relevant health implications and achieving your organization’s health and safety goals.

Add Value, Gain Employee Buy-in, Increase Revenue

As leading practitioners in preventive medicine, WorkCare believes medical surveillance programs can add tremendous value to an organization – as long as the process is properly aligned with the company’s goals, operations and culture. Our approach transforms compliance-driven programs into benefit-producing processes.

WorkCare employs this approach by aligning its services to your organizational objectives. We customize each medical surveillance program, providing clients with practical solutions and measurable results that raise the bar beyond mere compliance.