Human Performance Evaluations (HPE) Ensure You Hire Someone Who Can Safely Peform the Job

Many job assignments and positions require intensive physical activity. It’s important for companies to know, in advance, that candidates meet the essential physical demands of any particular job.

As part of the hiring process and pre-placement screening, an HPE can be used to determine (with accuracy) whether applicants can meet physical job demands. WorkCare’s® customized HPE program benefits the employer and the employee by ensuring the employer is hiring a physically qualified applicant and prospective employee.

Reduce Workers’ Compensation Exposure, Lost Days & Rising Insurance Costs

Human Performance Evaluations:

  • Limit the possibility of hiring someone who cannot safely perform the job without being injured.
  • Help identify potential workers’ compensation loss exposures, and
  • Avoid insurance premium increases

Legally defensible HPEs are more detailed and specific than post-offer physicals (which only gauge physical abilities required for jobs, such as lifting).

Secure Your Hiring Decisions With Verifiable Data

During the HPE, the applicant performs the essential physical functions of the job in the presence of a trained medical professional, who in turn makes a determination concerning the applicant’s ability to meet the those requirements. The exam can also be used to make appropriate return-to-work decisions.

Keep in mind that HPEs deal only with the physical aspects of the job, not work product or complex work function (i.e., keyboard use, etc.)

WorkCare® Covers Your Company With an International Clinical Provider Network

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