Breathe Easier… WorkCare Covers Respiratory Compliance

Requirements Are Broadly Written and Rigorously Applied

State and federal regulators take Respiratory Compliance very seriously. Infractions typically range from employee health and safety issues to public exposure to harmful airborne agents. Keeping pace with policies, procedures, protocols and equipment upgrades can be overwhelming, especially for those who lack expertise in this area.

Are Your Respirators & Other Mandated Safety Equipment in Compliance?

Respirators are the devices that protect your employees from exposure to harmful substances and from inhaling chemical, biological and radiological agents.

Some respirators are designed to protect employees from breathing air that contains dangerously low levels of oxygen or that is otherwise immediately dangerous to life or health, such as life-threatening exposures during interior structural firefighting.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Respiratory Protection standard (63 FR 1152) requires employers to establish and maintain a respiratory protection program to protect employees who may become exposed to these agents during the course of their employment.

We Comply With All Related Regulations

WorkCare’s Program aligns with OSHA standards and is intended to:

  • Enhance the protection of employee health
  • Promote more effective use of respirators
  • Make it easier for clients to comply with OSHA provisions
  • Facilitate understanding of the policies and procedures clients must follow when implementing a respiratory protection program

Our program is overseen by  experienced, certified occupational health professionals and provides comprehensive program administration and communications.

Backed By a Team of Dedicated Client Relations Pros

Every client is assigned to a Client Relations Representative (CRR) team headed by an experienced, field-tested Team Lead. Each Team Lead is responsible for managing daily activities such as:

  • Scheduling exams
  • Facilitating exam reviews
  • Maintaining electronic files
  • Coordinating communication, including employee clearance letters
  • Troubleshooting
  • Communication and coordination with clinical staff.

CCRs dramatically reduce the administrative burden on your health and safety staff, allowing them to focus on other core business functions.

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