Preparing Your Employees for Safe Travel Anywhere in the World

Protect Your Employees In a Global Workplace

WorkCare can follow your employees anywhere in the world. We’ve provided TravelCare® to employees deploying to Europe, Djibouti, Haiti, parts of Asia, Afghanistan and Iraq for more than two decades.

Our team of board-certified occupational physicians and other experts understands the risks associated with international travel, immunization requirements, infectious diseases, and myriad other factors affecting the health of your employees.

Our expertise includes:

  • Information about health conditions & disease outbreaks in specific regions
  • Knowledge of other countries’ vaccination requirements & health hazard protections
  • Availability of medications & treatments for global diseases & disorders
  • Information on political situations in other countries

Unique TravelCare Offerings

On the surface it appears to be a simple and straightforward formula: destination = vaccination. In reality, there are many nuances to safe travel. That’s why we use a holistic approach. Our TravelCare® program provides personalized care, up-to-date educational materials, cautionary advice and emergency assistance, if necessary.

WorkCare’s TravelCare® program features:

  • Exam scheduling
  • Participant tracking
  • Consolidated pricing
  • Notification of employee health status
  • Exam results
  • Prophylactic medications
  • Travel kits for remote areas
  • Clinic provider management
  • Employee travel assessment
  • Customized travel questionnaires
  • OSHA record-keeping
  • Dedicated client services team
  • An extensive provider network

…And a Dedicated Travel Team

Adhering to the travel care guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, our TravelCare® team of certified occupational health physicians and nurses take extraordinary steps to ensure your traveling employee reports home in tip-top condition.

Call today for an assessment of your company’s travel care needs: 800-455-6155.