WorkCare’s customized onsite clinic services allow health professionals to work closely with employees to appropriately manage their care, improve outcomes, and reduce injury or illness-related lost work time.

Our onsite services are designed to streamline employee access to care, encourage healthy behaviors, prevent injuries, manage work-related and personal health care costs, and enhance worker health and productivity. These services help reduce absenteeism, disability, employee turnover and health care costs.

Onsite clinics may be permanent, temporary or mobile. Clinic staff may perform a variety of services. Clients may choose WorkCare to provide comprehensive services or select from services including:

  • Health risk and medical surveillance exams
  • Pre-placement medical evaluations
  • Drug screening
  • Hearing conservation
  • Respiratory compliance
  • Emergency response team training
  • Episodic urgent care
  • Travel medicine and immunizations
  • Ergonomic worksite evaluations
  • Wellness programs (screenings, health fairs, health education, etc.)
  • Disability management
  • Policies and protocol development
  • Maintenance of confidential electronic medical records
  • Consulting medical director
  • After-hours support

Onsite Clinic Models

Our onsite clinic models are adaptable. Examples of our most popular onsite models include:

1. Full Service Occupational Medicine Clinic

  • Full- or part-time staff
  • Physician visits periodically
  • Occupational health services only
  • After-hours support

2. Alternative Solutions

Our alternative clinic models are ideal for companies in need of non-traditional, flexible onsite clinic solutions.

Virtual Clinic

  • Requires minimal space
  • Secure door entry
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Telephonic access to clinicians

Telehealth Occupational Medicine

  • WorkCare paramedic or client paramedic supported by 24/7 telephonic coverage
  • Fit for duty, return to work, injury care and monitoring, case management and wellness monitoring services

Considerations for Onsite Clinics

Onsite clinics can be an effective injury management tool. Issues to consider include:

  • Budget
  • Space
  • Location (remote/multi-locations)
  • Number of injuries
  • Workforce demographics

Let us help you develop the optimal delivery model for your organization!