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Onsite Services & Clinics

Becoming One With the Workplace

We support employees’ physical and mental health throughout their employment journey. We become one with the workplace by allowing workers at all levels to be engaged in their own health and well-being while producing positive business results for their employers.

Adaptable Delivery Models

No two workplaces are alike. That’s why WorkCare offers customized onsite delivery models. Options include full-service facilities, strategic personnel placement, 24/7 telehealth consultations, mobile medical and near-site operations. Our onsite staffing options are flexible.

WorkCare occupational physicians and nurses collaborate with allied professionals and our clients’ subject matter experts to meet the occupational health needs of employees. We also provide education and assistance for personal health conditions.

What about ROI?

An employer’s return-on-investment in Onsite Services & Clinics is calculated in many ways, for example: lower medical and indemnity costs; fewer workers’ compensation claims and OSHA-recordable incidents; reduced likelihood of litigation, work absence or disability; and improved retention and productivity. We have a dedicated analytics team to assist with the development of performance metrics and outcome studies.

Our results directly correlate with WorkCare’s firm belief in the value of work as a therapeutic activity – physically, mentally, socially, culturally and from an economic perspective. When compassionate care is provided in compliance with best medical practices and applicable regulations at the workplace, everyone wins.

Total Construction Health Program

WorkCare’s Total Construction Health program is designed to reduce exposure risk and cost-effectively prevent and manage injuries in all types of settings. We support owners, contractors and workers who help build the nation’s infrastructure and projects in their communities. We operate worksite clinics and provide virtual medical consultations at any time, in any location.

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Total Construction Health Program

We’re Diverse

As part of the WorkCare ecosystem, Onsite Services & Clinics is fully integrated with our Intervention® 24/7 teleheath triage program, consulting occupational physicians, and medical surveillance exam and TravelCare programs.

Our Bio-Ergonomic Surveillance, Industrial Athlete and Industrial Massage programs are also workplace-based services.

Here are some examples:
  • Physical exams
  • Drug screening
  • Hearing tests
  • Immunizations
  • Personal urgent care
  • Work-related injury care
  • Emergency medical response
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Injury prevention programs
  • Bio-metric screening
  • Health monitoring and coaching
  • Wellness education
  • Collaboration with local providers
  • Employee assistance referrals

Employers have the opportunity to engage with the Onsite Services & Clinic team in a multitude of ways during their tenure as a WorkCare client company.

Reducing Overuse Injury Risk

Bio-Ergonomic Surveillance body sensor technology and clinical methodology replace traditional evaluation methods based on subjective observations with objective findings to inform individual and companywide musculoskeletal injury prevention and management programs.


We use technology and clinical know-how to fit the right worker to the right job and reduce injury risk. Work-related aches and pains are largely preventable, but fatigue, repetition and overexertion still often result in costly injuries.

We use wearable sensors and clinical algorithms to objectively measure how a worker’s body reacts to stresses and strains while they are doing routine activities.

Findings inform preventive interventions based on individual injury risk profiles and job tasks. Collective surveillance results are applied to enterprise-wide solutions. Employers also benefit from showing how much they care about their employees’ health, safety and personal well-being.

Bio-Ergonomic Surveillance is a key contributor to WorkCare’s preventive delivery model.

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Workplace Injury Prevention & Management

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Bio-Ergonomic Surveillance Wearable Technology

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Industrial Athlete Program

Optimizing Human Performance

Injury prevention and management in sports is designed to safely optimize human performance. WorkCare’s Industrial Athlete Program applies similar principles to employees whose jobs require strenuous exertion, repetition, awkward postures and even prolonged sitting.


Work-related aches and pains are largely preventable, but fatigue, repetition and overexertion still often result in costly injuries.

Our industrial injury prevention specialists are certified athletic trainers and allied professionals who help employees reduce injury risk associated with exertion, fatigue, material handling, exposure to extreme temperatures, age, body type, chronic illness and other factors. If mild musculoskeletal symptoms develop, they can be relieved before they become disorders that affect quality of life and productivity.

Specialists may be placed onsite or provide virtual consulting. The program also features use of a smartphone app that provides time-of-need training on proper flex and stretch techniques.

Under the supervision of a WorkCare occupational medicine physician, industrial injury prevention specialists are trained to provide:

  • Bio-ergonomic surveillance
  • Job task analyses and workstation adjustments
  • Guidance on pre- and post-activity stretching
  • Coaching on proper material handling techniques
  • Education to help manage fatigue and reduce stress
  • Instruction on work conditioning, general fitness and diet
  • First aid to relieve physical discomfort
  • Using work as therapy during recovery
  • Collaborating with EH&S, risk management and HR teams

The value of athletic trainer/specialist interventions is evident on the bottom line. Related metrics include reductions in injury, claim and recordable incident rates, lower medical and insurance costs, and improved workforce morale, job performance and overall fitness.

WorkCare’s industrial injury prevention specialists are proficient in evidence-based medical practice. They comply with medical record privacy and documentation rules, medical treatment interpretations, insurance coverage and related regulations.

WorkCare Industrial Massage is a cost-effective way to relieve employees’ work-related physical discomfort before medical treatment becomes necessary.

Short Sessions
15 minutes
Improves Morale
for employees
Multiple Protocols
body-part specific

WorkCare Industrial Massage features 15-minute workplace sessions, typically conducted once a week for four weeks. After massage, employees return to work feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Therapists are trained to use 90 body-part specific protocols that are non-invasive and do not meet the criteria of reportable interventions as required by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Specialists may be placed onsite or provide virtual consulting. The program also features use of a smartphone app that provides time-of-need training on proper flex and stretch techniques.


WorkCare Industrial Massage:

  • Alleviates painful musculoskeletal complaints
  • Decreases workers’ compensation claim rates
  • Encourages early reporting of discomfort
  • Reduces absence and medical costs
  • Improves employee productivity
  • Facilitates effective care

WIM can be easily integrated with other onsite health and safety initiatives and Incident Intervention, our telehealth injury triage program, as part of a total worker health delivery model.