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    Christopher Jankosky, M.D., M.P.H.

    • Published
    • 5 August 2020

    Dr. Jankosky joined WorkCare as Senior Vice President, Medical Operations, in July 2020. He previously founded and grew his own medical consulting practice, serving as the Corporate Medical Adviser for multiple Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Jankosky has held critical leadership positions at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, serving as an expert in vaccines and gene therapies for five years and receiving the Center for Biologics Managerial Excellence Award. A retired Navy Captain, he has held executive physician positions including director of the nation’s largest occupational medicine residency training program and Force Surgeon for the U.S. Pacific Submarine Force. Dr. Jankosky has extensive training and experience in infection control and prevention. For the U.S. government, he has led health-related engagements in locations as diverse as Vietnam, Ukraine, the Peruvian Amazon, Australia and Antarctica. Dr. Jankosky earned his Medical Doctorate at the Georgetown University School of Medicine and his Master’s degree in Public Health at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. He is board-certified in both occupational medicine and neurology.

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